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Introducing online literacy and online privacy for first year university students.

Beginning a University degree can be a overwhelming concept to consider. As learning become more prevalent in the digital realm, many students fear for their online safety. However after learning some additional information about university as well as some insider tips from this website, your transition from “dreamer” to “student“ will be seamless.


Tips for 1st time university students.


Practice self-care.

Students old and new will tell you tell you that university will be the most exciting yet challenging time of your life. It is critical for your own health and well-being to prioritise self-care.

Establish yourself in a routine that works for you. Your routine should include being physically active, and allow you to make strong social connections with faculty and students. Balancing study, being physically active and relationships in a way that suits you is the crucial first step in transitioning to university.


Be informed on verification.

It is important to sharpen critical evaluation skills when consuming online information. Verify the credibility and reliability of sources, fact-check claims, and be aware of the potential for misinformation or fake news. Neglecting to reference or the fabrication of someone else’s work could land you in hot water.


Immerse yourself in the experience (Practice makes perfect).

By engaging yourself with your university and all it has to offer, you will notice a number of positive experiences that will help you along your educational journey. Increased student engagement will greatly improve your university experience by promoting academic excellence, grow personally, expand your social network, embrace diversity, and enjoy a well-rounded education. Take advantage of all that university has to offer and make the most of this transformative time in your life.


Online Privacy tips.

Preparing for Year 1.



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